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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Pulled in Many Directions: Focus

Today is Tangram Day
Students are pulled in many directions during these beautiful spring days. They play sports after school, attend multiple celebrations, and they practice for the play, MCAS tests, and musical performances.

Throughout all these activities, the beautiful spring weather and residual affect of a year of vigorous study calls them to play, play, and play some more.

How does a teacher lead their focus at this time of year?

First of all we'll talk about this challenge and the benefits of good focus when it comes to learning, doing well at significant events, and feeling good about themselves.

Next, we'll encourage families to help out by providing needed snacks, adequate rest, and preparation.

And, we'll work with extra energy to make the learning interactive, engaging, and fun.

Today with this in mind, I'll lead students through a hands-on geometry study using lots of tangram exercises. We'll talk about the kind of mindset that helps one learn well from these exercises, and then in small groups with those hands-on puzzle pieces students will learn and compare the properties of polygons.

We'll also have good time for play and possibly time for story too. It will be a good day.

These are the standards we'll focus on: