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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Pleading for Better

In year's past I used a platform that helped many of my students learn math well.

Recently I was told I could not use the platform anymore.

Many schools around the world and even some teachers in my own system use the platform, but I cannot use it since I have been told I do not have permission.

I have tried to convince the leadership that this is a worthy tool. I've shared the following reasons:
  • The tool teaches math in multiple ways using interactive models, words, and numbers
  • The tool is standards-based
  • The tool is continually being improved to meet current research
  • The tool teaches students how to learn online
  • The tool can be used at home, at school, and anywhere a student wants to learn
  • The tool extends from early learning up to SAT prep and beyond
  • The tool includes multiple disciplines
  • The tool offers super data reports which can help educators personalize learning for students
  • The tool is free
The tool isn't perfect, but it's very good and a perfect addition to any math program.

Recently I asked a child who did very well on a test what she did to do so well and she told me that she uses this tool daily at home. Her family supports this.

I worry about students who would similarly profit from this tool, but don't have families who support this kind of modern-age, positive learning approach.

I've asked for this tool many times. I've noted that other nearby systems utilize the tool. I've shared the rationale, but still I am told I cannot use the tool. What's a teacher to do? I know it's bothersome to advocate again and again, but if I don't advocate my students will lose out on this learning tool--a tool that many other students throughout the state, country, and world use. They won't have this advantage. I want my students to have this advantage.

So today, though I know leaders are tired of my advocacy, I asked again to use this tool. The girl's comment prompted me to write again. I hope I receive a positive response. We'll see.