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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Living in a Trump World: Consumption

One can face consumption by living in a Trump world--you find your time and resources consumed in a will to override his disrespectful, brash, and seemingly unintelligent leadership. He simply makes me angry when he continually acts with irony to uplift his personal wealth and popularity rather than leading the country with intellect by consulting the experts, the research, and many plausible ideas when solving a big problem or working for betterment.

What's a person to do?

We need to speak up and act for betterment in ways that we can.

Then we need to act to take care of ourselves, others, and our commitments in ways that matter. We have to have a good balance of advocacy and good work to survive these Trump times.

This morning I spent some time on a number of debates about what is right and good for our country, its laws, and advocacy. Now it's time to tend to the issues of the day as I prepare for a busier-than-normal week of teaching, learning, and supporting colleagues, family members, and friends in a variety of events. Onward.