Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Field Study and Grants Administration

There's quite a bit of paperwork to complete when it comes to planning field studies. Today I'll focus in on that paperwork as we plan for a number of upcoming fifth grade events, events that take us into the field to learn about American history, rivers/wetlands, and to participate in athletic and celebratory events.

Paperwork includes payments, chaperones, processing grants, checking online payment lists, CORI checks, and more.

There's also some leg work to do to complete grants we've received. I'll have the students help me measure today so that when I order our new tables and cabinets, they will be the right size for fifth grade students.

We'll want to prep a bit for the upcoming field trips, and that prep will including looking at maps, practicing singing My Country Tis of Thee, reading the life story of Lydia Maria Child, completing river packets, and participating in an introduction to the Wild and Scenic River System as well as how to be safe and healthy when learning outdoors.

Thankfully online field trip fee collection, receiving grants, and teamwork has made these special events easier to plan and manage than in the past.