Thursday, May 24, 2018

Digging In: The Biography Project

The biography project demands that children dig into books and articles to find facts and stories about the global changemakers they are studying. The project demands good reading, thinking, questioning, and synthesis. For children who haven't lived long lives and don't always have the contextual information with which to understand an individual's life choices, struggles, and influences, the project demands lots of conversation and discussions about history and lives. In fact one day I found a group of about eight students in the corner of the room debating the merits of their global changemakers' life choices. It was exactly the kind of conversation that you hope a school project will inspire.

So today I'll spend significant time sitting down with individuals as they work on their biography projects. I'll read the questions and answers they've crafted for their fictional interview, and look for areas where students could add more information or correct inaccuracies. The goal is for every child to craft an interview that provides a full look at the global changemaker's life including his/her struggles, influences, early life, adulthood, impact and reasons for fame. Like the children I also enjoy learning about these wonderful changemakers past and present.