Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Developing the Math Unit for 2018-2019

There's been considerable effort invested in developing our fifth grade math program over the past many years.

I'm thinking about the components of each unit for the 2018-2019 year.

What will they be?

Learning to Learn Mini Lessons
These lessons will be embedded regularly to support students ability to develop learning to learn behaviors such as self advocacy, growth mindset, brain knowledge, self knowledge, confidence, perseverance, and understanding of learning in general.

Unit Overview and Essential Questions
Each unit will begin with a big picture discussion of the unit topic and where that topic fits into the world we live in. We'll discuss the rationale for knowing the topic--why it's important to study, and back that discussion up with related images, videos, and stories.

Specific Standards
We'll dive into each standard with a variety of learning/teaching approaches including the following:

  • explicit modeling and instruction
  • model making with manipulatives, building, and drawing
  • practice
  • related tech games and exercises
  • problem/project based learning and an open ended performance assessment process
  • online/offline multiple choice and short answer assessments
  • discussions and debates
  • homework review and reflections
Unit Standards Review and Connections
Reviewing the standards of the current unit as well as standards from past units. Looking for connections.

I will utilize the systemwide scope and sequence, unit packets, unit assessments, grade-level website, new and old research, and more to inform this work. 

I'm looking forward to building on the past efforts that work to better what we can do in the year ahead.