Monday, April 09, 2018

Surrounded by Good People

Last night I had the chance to attend the Massachusetts' swim coaches' award night. I was awestruck by the dedication, intelligence, and skill evident throughout the evening. Clearly these coaches care about the work they do, the students they serve, and each other. This clearly demonstrated that the good cultures we create with the people we work with and serve are critical.

Throughout the evening there was comment after comment related to commitment and interest in the sport of swimming and swimmers. These coaches were evidently interested in improving their coaching and supporting one another in that end. They were happy for the successes of all their swimmers and swim teams, and again and again pointed to the support of each other as one reason for their success showing that their teamwork matters.

This event made me wonder how teachers might work with greater collaboration to support one another with regard to their successful practice and impact on students, families, and the community. What can we continue to do with and for one another to build a sense of collective strength and effect--impact that we are proud of and dedicated to? How can our communities instill practices that elevate what we can do and how we do it? In what ways can we continue to develop, revise, and create to better our culture and collegiality?

To be surrounded by good people dedicated to a positive common cause is inspiring. That's what last night's event was for me. It's in our best interest to position ourselves in these positive communities of inspiration and good work often to feed our spirits, positive energy, and good work for the days ahead.