Friday, April 13, 2018

Strengthening Areas that Need Support

As students took the cumulative math assessment yesterday and the standardized system test earlier in the week, it was clear that there are areas were some or all need strengthening before they take the state's MCAS tests so after vacation we'll dig into the following areas with engaging standards-based exploration and performance assessments:
  1. Volume
  2. Geometry
  3. Measurement
  4. Making models that match fraction operations
  5. Line plots
  6. Fluency with fraction operations
  7. Algebraic thinking including order of operations and coordinate grids
Each exploration will have the following format:
  • similar ability small groups
  • scaffolded exploration from review through enrichment
  • hands-on work and problem solving
  • check-in points
When children arrive back from vacation, I'll explain the format, make the groups, and spend a few minutes each day explaining the exploration and then let students spend most of the time working together to complete the tasks. I'll use a number of resources to create the tasks and make them as meaningful and relevant to students' interests and day-to-day life and questions as possible.

We'll add a bit of test prep too. We've got eight days until MCAS  so we'll likely complete one exploration a day saving the last day, math RTI, and homework for some explicit MCAS practice. 

I think this will be an enjoyable way to review for the tests and solidify some concepts are that less strong at this point. Onward.