Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Prepare for the End-of-Year Struggles

The end of the school year brings with it some predictable struggles including the following:
  • Reduced supports/staffing due to MCAS staffing and other end-of-year meetings and efforts
  • Extra work such as ordering, report cards, move-up day preparations, and classroom clean-up which are done on a teacher's own time
  • The end-of-year emotions some students express in multiple ways
  • A good dose of "spring fever"
In the best of circumstances we would not have to withstand these struggles, but they exist, and we have to deal with them.

What's a teacher to do?

First, you have to change your expectations. You simply can't expect the same level of teaching and learning when your supports are diminished.

Next, you have to make time for the extra work--it's best to get that work done before the days get too hot (note to self).

Making sure students have the play time they need to match the spring fever they feel.

Saving bigger, deeper issues and efforts for summer planning and fall conversations. 

This time of year is the time of year to take the MCAS tests and engage in a number of enjoyable collaborative learning endeavors. Onward.