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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Idealistic vs. Realistic

I will admit, I'm not a pragmatist. I'm much more of a idealist which means that I sometimes choose the idea and forget about all the practical aspects of reaching that dream.

I work with a number of realists, pragmatists that help me to see the needed steps to reach the ideal. I also help those pragmatists to sometimes reach more than they would to try something different to reach an ideal. This is good collaboration and teaming.

As an idealist, I have to make sure that I make time to be realistic and think about the practical aspects of teaching and learning too. I have to remember that the road to new ideas is mostly a step-by-step path rather than a leap. I have to identify those steps to the ideal and then work at each one to lead us forward.

In the days ahead, I'm reaching for many ideals--and as I think of those ideals, I don't want to forget about the practical, realistic, necessary steps that reaching those ideals include, steps like the following:

  • Go hard on the problem, not the people. It takes time to work with others with care and respect to reach new ideas, dreams, and ideals
  • Make the time to visualize the process step-by-step, and then work to follow that process to meet the goals desired.
  • List the practical matters that have to be managed, matters such as student supervision, acquisition/management of supplies, costs, administrative support/help, available time, and more.
I'll be thinking more about this. I wish we could know and then immediately put that knowledge into place in consistent ways, but we all know that knowing and the related, consistent action that matches the knowing takes time. It takes time to embed new knowledge and ways into our work, and that effort takes time, thought, and dedication.