Thursday, April 19, 2018

Forward Movement: Energizing the Path Ahead

Writing helps to energize the paths we travel.

Thinking via writing gives our paths directions and strength.

So once again, I reflect via writing to energize that path--a path that is much like a river that is always flowing both changed by and changing the land that surrounds its edges.

The days, months, and years ahead will find me focused in this way:

Teaching Direction

Spring 2018
  • Math education
  • River study and stewardship
  • Science study
  • Community building, support, and celebrations
School Year 2018 on. . . 
  • Developing the math program
  • Developing the science and environmental education programs
  • Supporting students' literacy education
  • Continued social-emotional learning/teaching and community building/support
  • Reading, research, writing, community support and activity
  • Family care, attention, and culture
  • Travel and adventure
It's a good time to focus in on what's important and what I can do to better my own life and the lives of others in ways that matter.