Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Energize and Organize

As we move closer to the spring vacation, I find myself looking forward to a few days to rest up, relax, and have some fun. It's been a busy stretch since the February break with leading lots of dedicated science, math, and reading study. I'll push ahead by completing the following activities with and without students:

  • Completing physical science study - there's lots of science materials spread out all over the classroom waiting the completing of several explorations. We'll complete that study and then I'll be able to clean up that area.
  • Readying for the MCAS tests. Not only will students take a number of practice tests, but I'll also reshape the classroom to give students the space they need to take these tests with comfort and focus.
  • Reading time: soon I'll sort the many reading books available in the class too. Some are ready to be tossed since they are torn and ripped, and others simply need sorting and a better display.
When I leave for the break, I want to leave the room cleaned up and ready for MCAS test/study and the upcoming biography research we'll be doing after that. Onward.