Thursday, March 01, 2018


Most people I know are very forgiving. We try to analyze wrongdoing and find the "promise in these problems" to help children and others move ahead of error and misjudgment to better living and decision making. We all err from time to time.

Some wrongdoing, however, is grave. It is wrongdoing that disturbs good culture and creates a domino effect of hate, hurt, and destruction. We have laws and social constructs that prevent society from forwarding behavior like this, and there are checks and balances in our own lives that deter these kinds of problematic events.

We have to speak up and stand up to this kind of wrongdoing, and when we see hints of this in our culture, we have to work to rid our communities of these lawless, destructive acts sooner than later beginning with empathy and the establishment of good laws, social programs, and detention arenas. When we shed a blind eye to this kind of behavior, we passively support it.

In general most people stay clear of this behavior by living and working away from it, passing laws to  eradicate it, collaborating around issues and acts of good living, and building positive, rich lives themselves. Onward.