Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Sunday Dinner

As a child, almost every Sunday marked another Sunday dinner. Most often my grandparents and great aunt were invited and sometimes other aunts, uncles, and cousins were invited too. The Sunday dinner often included an outing too such as sliding, skating, a woodsy hike, or bike riding. The affair had a ritual-like feel in that the day usually included church, cooking, grandparents/great aunt arrival, cheese and crackers, storytelling, a delicious meal and dessert, and then perhaps a game of cards, chess or a board game.

I learned a lot about my grandparents and parents during those Sunday meals. I heard all the old stories about growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts. I enjoyed the old stories. As I grew older I sometimes didn't like the Sunday dinners, instead I craved a bit more time with my parents or friends, but the dinners continued and the sense of family deepened.

I have always wanted to continue that tradition, but not to the lost opportunity of my own children's hobbies and interests. So from time to time we would host the relatives, but not every Sunday. That tradition is gaining a bit more momentum now that my children are young adults. The Sunday dinner is a good tradition when it comes to building a strong family, and one I'm happy to continue in the days ahead.