Thursday, March 15, 2018

Program Strengths

There are attributes of our current programming that helps us to teach well. The following elements spell success:

Common Planning Periods
Our grade-level team has common planning periods which allows us to regularly collaborate.

Our classrooms are close so we are always exchanging ideas, questions, supports, and materials.

Student Service Meetings
We meet twice a week to discuss students needs with the greater grade level team members.

Professional Learning Community
We meet once a week with the broader team to focus on learning/teaching efforts and development.

Professional Learning 
We have the time we need to attend professional learning events. We have a goal setting and educator evaluation process in place. I believe this process can be streamlined and targeted more for greater effect.

We have many of the resources we need to teach well, and we have some say as to acquiring other materials we deem valuable. I think we can improve teacher voice by embedding more distributive leadership.

Experienced, Professional, and Qualified Staff
The standards to teach are high in Massachusetts and this results in a high-quality staff. I think we can work to make sure we have better student-time-on-task teacher ratios though to improve what staff can do with and for students.

Adequate Facilities
Our facilities are adequate, although I think it would be a good idea to move towards more modern teaching/learning environments.