Saturday, March 31, 2018

MTA: Annual Meeting 2018

At the MTA Meeting in May, I will be listening carefully to candidates running for MTA President and Vice President. What will I be listening for?

I will be listening for candidates who express the following credentials and beliefs:
  • A willingness to listen to and respond to educators' needs
  • Knowledge of the political landscape, and a willingness to work towards and advocate for strong public schools and equity of opportunity for all students and families in the state.
  • A willingness to work with the Massachusetts Departments of Education to foster optimal collaboration with the best interests of students, families, and educators in mind.
  • Support of apt professional learning and development efforts that provide updated and needed professional learning for Massachusetts educators, the kind of learning that earns educators needed credentials while also developing the positive capacity of teaching/learning organizations
  • Honesty, transparency, experience, and passion to do what is right and good by students, families, and educators
I encourage all MTA members to look for an opportunity to attend Annual Meeting to hear the candidates speak and then to vote for the candidates they feel will forward the vision they hold for continued strong and successful public schools in Massachusetts.