Saturday, March 10, 2018

March: The To Do List

Can you tell that I sometimes get lost in the wheel of possibility as I consider the infinite paths possible? Yet what centers is me is to reach back from the sphere of infinite to the list of priorities--the focus areas within arms reach.

Ultimately my goal is forward positive potential, the kind of potential that affords people the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So with that in mind, here is my short list:

  • Fraction Unit during Core
  • MCAS Test Prep during RTI
  • TMP, Cumulative Assessment, Unit Tests, MCAS during Core
  • Physical Science hands-on activities, projects, assessment
  • STEAM seed packets and water filters 
  • Environmental Education Field Study
  • Grassroots Conservation biologist visit
  • Spadefoot toad headstarting
  • Science study MCAS review
  • Showcase Portfolio Updates and Family-Student-Educator Conferences
  • Middle school transition paperwork
  • Global change makers project beginning with ELA RTI group
  • Global Cardboard Challenge project 
  • Expert visitors related to Global Changemaker project scheduling and hosting
  • Classroom renovation (hopefully with the new furniture afforded by a recent grant proposal)
  • exploration
Professional Learning
  • ATMIM presentation and conference attendance 
  • Potential NEH seminar (hopefully) 
  • Reading List

  • Supporting dreams, responsibilities, contribution, and good living
  • Celebrations
  • Simple, loving living

Political Advocacy
  • March 3/24 
  • Build Background Knowledge with Reading Books, Articles, and more