Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Musings: March 16, 2018

Students completed their portfolio work, corrected math assessments, and began math homework assignments. We also used the terrific Mystery Science program as we learned about the science behind rainbows and made "rainbow makers" otherwise known as spectroscopes with old shiny discs, paper tubes, and stickers. The Mystery Science program is a perfect kindergarten-fifth grade program as there's great learning for all.

Next week we'll fully invest in family-student-educator conferences, fraction study, lots of reading, and more Mystery Science with buddies. I'll also attend and present at the ATMIM conference.

Tomorrow it's off to the wonderful Edcamp Boston that always proves to inspire.

After a bit of a hiatus due to my brother's death and weather events, it's good to be back to the day-to-day teaching and learning. As much as I explore other avenues of the education world, it's the work I do with children that I enjoy the most. Onward.