Friday, March 23, 2018

A Kids' World: Gaming, Programming, and Other Tech Uses

More than ever the children are involved in video gaming outside of school. Also many are using computers for all kinds of recreation, some good and some not so good.

I believe it is essential for educators to understand students' tech world and tech use so we can help to promote the best possible use of technology. When school tech is mostly workbook on a page, we don't give students the  chance to design, create, game, and collaborate in ways that are exciting to them. We don't give them a chance to elevate their use of this online world in ways that matter, and sadly we promote more outside-of-school use that may not be as worthy or positive.

What do I believe schools should do?

We should integrate gaming, coding, and creativity in ways that match these students' passions so that we elevate positivity rather than promote a status quo that in many cases could be more positive. What do you think?