Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Walking Down Memory Lane

Today as I contribute to a family collage to share with loved ones at my brother's funeral services, I find myself walking down Memory Lane. Sorting through numerous boxes of photos looking for moments that represent his life well, I found so many pictures of good times past and present. When I looked at those pictures I remembered exactly how I felt in those moments, and overall I thought, I wished I could have been more relaxed during all those good times since our moments with each other are so fleeting.

I've lived a busy life with many events and there was little time to simply relax since I, along with my siblings, friends, and family members, were typically in the midst of planning, preparing, and orchestrating events--events at the seashore, in the mountains, at our homes, and for special celebrations. Despite how busy those times were, I'm glad we made the time to be together and engage in so many wonderful activities.

Also as I looked at the pictures of so many friends and family members past and present, I remembered the deep commitment we had and, with many, still have to one another--we helped each other to enjoy life, move through the struggles, and celebrate so many times.

It wasn't too long ago that I wondered when I would ever have the time to look through all these photos, and then with my brother's passing that time came--a time to look back on life and think about what's important, and what I want to carry forward too.