Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vacation Around the Corner: Reflections about the weeks ahead

With vacation around the corner, we'll spend the next two days tying up loose ends by completing assessments, reflections, and some practice sets. Above all, and in the face of what happened in Florida, I want to make sure that every child feels welcomed and cared for. Schools aren't perfect and we often don't have the staffing we need to serve the needs that come through the door, but we have to be honest with students and let them know that we want the best for them and we all have to work together to let the best rise--the best in teaching, the best in learning, and the best in support for one another.

When we return after vacation, the students and I will review what we've done so far--what has helped them a lot, and what we can all do to make it even better. That kind of collaborative reflection will help all of us to move forward with positivity and good growth.

While the room needs a really big overhaul to meet the new expectations, expectations I didn't know about last summer, I'll wait until next year's set-up to foster that overhaul as I hope to spend some summer time reviewing the expectations introduced this year and bettering my ability to meet those expectations.

On the administrative front, there's been a nice big push in the way of transparency and respectful share from some administrators. This has lifted the spirits and efforts of many educators. Rather than feeling downtrodden, the fact that educators were acknowledged and included truly has made a positive difference. I hope that this administrator's respectful work will have a trickle down affect to others who lead and collaborate with educators in the days to come. This is something I've hope for, and I am so happy to see.