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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day 2018

Today is Valentine's Day and I'm in the midst of lots of life at the moment. There's events swirling around me at a rapid speed--that's not atypical for moms and teachers my age--people who have parents, siblings, children, friends, and students.

Amongst the whirlwind, there's a need to pick and choose what gets the most attention.

Students will be excited today as they ready to pass out Valentine's and show off their creative Valentine's Day mailboxes. To complement the excitement, students will take part in a simple Valentine's Day word making activity, then we'll focus in on our math lesson, have a class meeting, recess, and perform a class play. Later in the day students will pass out the Valentine's, enjoy library class, and head home.

My son and I will plan a special Valentine's Day dinner for the rest of the family. It will likely be a simply, peaceful family night.