Friday, February 16, 2018

Choosing Who and What to Support

There's limitless arenas in education seeking the support of educators. How do you navigate the path of support given the limitless opportunities to get involved?

As I think of this today, I think it's important to devote your time and energy into areas that match your vision, energy, and direction. What leads my support?

Teacher capacity, voice, choice, and leadership
I support efforts that uplift the capacity, voice, choice, and leadership of educators. I believe that educators have tremendous potential to elevate student learning and experiences in school when given the support they need.

Teaching Math and Science Well
I support efforts that truly work to uplift what we can do to teach math and science well.

Cultural Proficiency and Community
I support the efforts that build community and cultural proficiency.

Teamwork, Collaboration, Communication, and Transparency
I support modern, authentic, honest efforts to build teamwork, collaboration, good communication, and transparency.

Research and Development
I support efforts that work to uplift what we can do with one another to elevate the learning/teaching of students via quality research and development.

I don't support hearsay, conjecture, lack of transparency, less communication, and little distributive leadership. What's great about teaching/learning is that there's little need for secrets or lack of share, and there's great reason, rationale, and benefit of good share and working together.