Thursday, February 15, 2018

Challenging End of the Day

It was a great school day all in all. Students completed assignments and we discussed the fact that above all, the highest priority is to take care of one another. Then at the end of the day an unexpected event occurred--one that I had not navigated before. It was one of those snags in the teaching/learning path that makes you think about what you would do if it happened again. As I think about it, I believe it's a situation that calls for a protocol, a way of handling similar situations in the future. In the end, there was no hurtful or harmful event, but as with any problem that occurs it gave us something to think about and something to make better so in the future we know what to do without debate or discussion.

I recognize that you can't be ready for every situation or possibility, but when events occur that are unexpected, it gives you a chance to think about how you'll react to similar events in the future--essentially it's a heads-up to protect you from a possible problem later on. Onward.