Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tomorrow's Agenda: January 18, 2018

Today's exploration of the properties of matter was engaging for all--the morning flew by, and then the afternoon virtual meeting with DESE TAC was similarly engaging and fast. Now it's early evening and time to focus on tomorrow's teaching and learning:

Early Morning Help
Students in our fifth grade are welcome to come to school a half hour early to catch up on homework, get some extra help, or work on projects. There's always a great hum to the room, and I find I get a lot of work done at that time too due to the energy in the room.

Math Test and Tech
Students will work on computation assessments and a math tech menu to help inform upcoming progress report completion. While students work on their tests and tech, I'll answer questions and work on next week's Mixture and Solution Science lab.

Reading and Understanding Informational Text
I'll work with my small reading group to focus in on informational text related to science and social studies.

Play and Snow Science
Students will have the chance to check in on their Ice Orbs and play in the snow.

Special Ed Study
I'll start the required special ed course and apply the learning to math.

Friday finds us on a field trip and next week will be another busy week of science, math study, and reading. Since I work in a collaborative grade-level model of teaching and learning, my colleagues do great work in writing, reading, social studies leadership and teaching. I continually feel grateful for this wonderful model of teaching. Onward.