Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Science Wednesday: Mixture and Solution Lab

Our team has set aside Wednesdays as the day for our science rotations. Each teacher has agreed to lead one area of science. I'm in charge of the physical sciences while my colleagues are managing Earth and life sciences. As I've noted before, we have plenty of materials, and now we're trying to fit all the expected learning into the time we have which is a challenge, a challenge we're motivated to meet, in part,  because the students LOVE science.

Today students will engage in the mixtures and solution lab. I will begin the lab by modeling solution, mixture, solute, solvent, conservation of mass, physical reaction, and chemical reaction with a water and gravel mixture, a water and salt solution, and a water and baking soda solution.

Next I'll review students' lab sheets, review materials' care and cleanup, and then help students get organized at their lab stations. Hopefully, similar to our last lab, the students will be so engaged and on task so that I'll have the chance to take a few photos and listen in on their efforts throughout the exploration and experimentation.