Friday, January 26, 2018

Realistic Goal Setting

I work up early this morning thinking about goal setting--what are realistic goals for the months ahead given the complexity and potential of the curriculum program. How will we assess our progress with regard to these goals?

Math Standards
We are moving along teaching standard by standard. This is taking time, and we have to stay the course with as little interruption as possible. We will assess these standards in a large number of ways leading up to the spring MCAS tests. Today we have a meeting to discuss how we will support student learning in this area more.

Science Standards
We made a considerable good start with these standards, and now will stay the course to teaching the standards with continued hands-on and research-related learning experiences.

While I don't take the lead in this teaching, I support my colleagues' terrific efforts to manage this standards-based area of the curriculum. In a couple of weeks we'll sit down to discuss the progress to date and how we might shift the schedule to better meet the needs that exist.

Special Events
We have had a large number of special events to spark and strengthen the teaching/learning program, and we have a good number to come too. This adds spice to the daily to the routine and inspires students' curiosity and study.

Class Community
We will continue to work as a team to build the best possible teaching/learning community.

Showcase Portfolios
We will print a number of reports and encourage reflections and portfolio completion for the mid-March parent-student-teacher conference period.