Sunday, January 21, 2018


Sometimes we all feel pulled in multiple directions. The angst of being in the center of multiple needs, dreams, hopes, and directions can create angst. I am thinking about this today as I think of the many people in my life, people that range in age and vary with regard to need and interest. How do we reckon with this pull that sometimes can feel too tight in too many directions?

As much as possible I try to stay centered amongst the many pulls of life. I try to stick to a usual routine that makes time for the most important needs and desires of all of us. Sometimes though those pulls result in a snag where everyone is challenged, and then it's time to rework the routine and schedule, the connections and interactions.

I'd rather have that periodic confusion and still have the great people I have in my life, and it's good to make the time to iron out the snags and figure out the next steps and a better routine.