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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Teaching the New Science Standards Continues

It was great to see students' ability to be
precise as they measured volume.
As I condense multiple learning points and lessons into the time available, I find myself somewhat stressed. Why? The stress results from the following:
  • Lack of needed time for planning and prep
  • Lack of needed space for the activities
  • New information, learning expectations
  • Worry about potential failure with the lessons, efforts
Yet, the students LOVE the learning, and I actually enjoy the learning too. Step-by-step I'm making gains, yet the stress remains. It has been a while since I engaged in so much new curriculum with so little time.

As for time, we're just adding minutes to our days. And for space, I'm finding that using rolling carts for each science team is a good space saver and organizer. The new information is readily available via our new FOSS kits as well as countless Internet videos and resources. And as for failure, that will happen, but with time for planning, research and collaboration with teammates, I can avoid big failures. 

Young chemists demonstrated some terrific teamwork!
What have we done and where are we going?

To date, students have engaged in a few exciting experiments and learning experiences related to the content I'm responsible for. I've also created a go-to website with engaging videos and helpful diagrams and information. And, I've created an assigned an open-ended end-of-unit project that includes the main teaching/learning points. 

Today students had a lot of fun exploring the properties of matter in multiple ways. 

What's Next?

Testing for magnetism was especially fun. 
Students will revisit content related to mixtures and solutions as well conservation of mass. We'll also explore types of energy and engage in a few learning experiences that makes that knowledge come alive. 

Finally we'll share students' projects and students will take a Google form assessment that covers all the physical science they need to know for MCAS. They'll be able to take the quiz as many times as they would like until they get a top score demonstrating they know the essential facts and information.