Friday, January 19, 2018

Latest Reactions to the President

The president continues to worry me. He is bringing about so much worry and angst in the American people. His disparaging remarks and seemingly little concern about people in general as well as his impetuous spirit that seemingly puts us in danger again and again is horrible. Further those that idly stand by supporting his speak, greed, and what appears to be unethical behavior are just as bad.

How will I react?

First I am no longer going to use his name.

Next I've blocked him on Twitter--I don't need his rants in my daily Twitter feed, a feed I've come to regard as a terrific idea exchange.

Third, I will look to see what I can do at a local level to promote positive ideas and efforts, and then learn and listen to national leaders that I regard well as to what to do about that level.

Fourth, I will try to right my ways and use the president as the overcorrection that he is--one who represents how not to be in the public eye, what not to do.

Even if the president has an idea or two that are not so bad, it's difficult to hear or see those ideas amidst the greed, possible lawlessness, and unethical behavior. For those who support him simply because their investments are on the rise, they need to realize that is shortsighted. No matter how much money you have, it won't matter if our water and air are polluted, and the world is filled with uneducated, impoverished people who don't get the basic needs they deserve. It's about more than dollars when it comes to building a strong nation and world, one that cares well for the people in it.

The president's daily tantrums, outbursts, disrespect, and lack of honest, good work is bringing the whole country down--it's time for a change.