Monday, January 22, 2018

Focus: The Week Ahead, January 2018

The theme this week is to be more intentional with words, action, and attitude.

What does that mean this week?

First, it means that I'll have a lot of one-to-one conversations with students who need to catch  up on homework, assessments, and more. It's progress report time, and I want to take a look at students' results as I input the progress reports checks.

This also means that I'll be intentional with the way I introduce the weekly science lab. I want to be clear and I want to prepare all the needed materials.

And, I'll be intentional as I introduce the new math unit. Students and I will discuss what we can do to make this a successful unit of teaching and learning, then we'll begin working on the study together.

Further during team meetings I'll focus on listening to the perspectives of the many colleagues I work with--colleagues who contribute significant time, expertise, and care into the work they do each day.

At the MTA TPL meeting, I'll also do a lot of listening since the MTA team that leads this work has been very, very busy with countless quality professional learning events. I am interested in what they have to say, and how I can help out in the months ahead.

There's a special family event too where the focus will be to celebrate accomplishment and teamwork.

If challenges occur, I want to listen and respond after good thought as I don't want challenges to get in the way of the good work and events planned. Onward.