Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Focus on the Learners

There's many ways that we can improve schools, and that's something I've thought a lot about. Right now, however, I am focused on the learners in my midst, how might I support their learning more. What can I do?

Yesterday we had a great talk about learning-to-learn behaviors and goal setting. They got it. Today we'll stay focused on our unit course and the behaviors we discussed yesterday, behaviors such as staying focused, asking questions, taking notes, completing practice, and completing the study packets.

I am looking forward to working with my new math RTI group. We'll focus on computation during our two thirty-minute periods a week. I am also looking forward to our upcoming reading meeting where we'll discuss the progress we're making with students and form new instructional groups.

Early Morning Help
I am going to continue this support whenever possible in the days ahead.

The Learning Environment
The addition of lots of science materials has created a need to update the learning environment once again. It's totally squished and now it's time to think about how I can make more space for good learning endeavor and all those supplies. This will take some time, research, and advocacy.

With regard to system/structure betterment, I'm focused on streamlining efforts with greater accuracy, better communication, and clear vision. I believe that our greater efforts as educational systems can be streamlined in ways that makes more time for student service and teaching.