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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Back to School: January 2018

In short time, I'll be leaving the holiday warmth of my home to venture into the freezing cold temperatures and the cold morning classroom. I love being home and doing what I want to do. I'm sure that my students feel the same way. I'm sure that it will be difficult for them to leave their new games and toys as well as their do-whatever-they-want schedule to return to a the small space that a classroom is, a space shared by 25-plus others. That's a big switch from their mostly spacious homes and small families.

In short time, however, we'll all be back into the routine of learning together in ways that matter. We'll begin the day with a reflection related to our December study, and then some warm-up exercises. I'll remind them that the reflections will help to energize and target the teaching/learning ahead. I'll read the reflections carefully, make related comments, and answer any questions that exist.

We'll spend some time watching a short video too that introduces the science unit. I'm looking forward to seeing the students and my teammates too. The new year marks a new opportunity to power-up our learning, collaboration, and support of one another with shared goals and positive endeavor. Onward.