Friday, December 22, 2017

Why Did Representatives from States with the Weakest School Systems Support the New Tax Bill?

Representatives from the three poorest states in the country voted overwhelmingly for the new tax bill--why? 
Representatives from states with the most challenged school systems voted mostly in favor of the new tax system.

As I struggled to listen to the debates about the new tax bill the other night, I did a little research. I realized that representatives from states with the strongest school systems and greatest incomes did not support the new tax bill, a tax bill that would likely make those states' rich even richer.

Yet representatives from states with the overall weakest school systems and least wealth did support the bill--why would states that struggle to educate their populous support a bill that helps corporations and the wealthy more than schools and people without sufficient wages? The only answer I can think of is personal greed, but I'm open to your thoughts--why would representatives from the poorest states, states with the least rated school systems, support a tax code that greatly elevates corporations and the wealthy? Help me to understand.

States with strongest school systems did not support the new tax bill.