Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Learning Home

I want my classroom to be a learning home; an environment where there's a "place for everything and everything in its place." I want it to be the kind of place that the students and I look forward to being in each and every day as we come together to learn.

There are many inspirational posters already hanging on the walls, and there are many great materials for learning. Yet, there's too many extra items--items that I rarely to never use and items that are tool old and tattered for good use. Hence in the new year, I'll brighten up the room by getting rid of the outdated, overused materials and better organizing the terrific resources that students use daily. It's time for a complete clean up and a chance to make the room the learning home that we ned to forward the good learning and teaching possible.

Specifically that means throwing out old, dirty containers and getting rid of the many recyclables that take up a lot of space--I actually wish we had a recyclable materials room similar to the one the Children's Museum has had (I'm not sure if they still have that), but space is short so that won't happen at this point.

It also means getting rid of the old books and materials--teaching tools that I haven't used in a year or more.

Further since almost all the materials I use are online, it also means that I can get rid of most of my old files too.

Soon I will use the time I have for a really good clean up which will make the room inviting for students and teachers when the new year arrives.