Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Gift of Time

As we all know, time is limited, and how we use those minutes in a day says a lot about who we are and the life we lead.

As I think about those precious minutes in the new year, I'm thinking about how I want to use them, and the goals that will be fed by that time.

The biggest priority for my minutes in the new year will be students and family. Most of my minutes will be devoted to those two groups by way of teaching, nurturing, and spending time together in common pursuits.

The goals are happiness and positive development for family members and students alike.

As for the other minutes in the days ahead, there are some deeper questions speaking to me--questions I'll explore through reading, writing, and eventually related action.

Time at this point in my life is as valuable or more so than money, though I am moved to make sufficient dollars to pay the bills and care for those I love. How we spend our minutes matters, and demands that we make some time to consider that. Onward.