Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Amazing Story Contest

Colleagues were inspired to elevate students' engagement, flow, and confidence with writing. In that end, they invited students to enter story contests--regular creative writing contests that inspire students to write. I've seen the enthusiasm students have when involved in these contests, but up until yesterday I never engaged in the event. Then yesterday due to scheduling choices, I led the contest finale in my class. I read the many individual and collaborative stories entered. As I read the student listeners were transfixed. They listened to each and every story with great attention. Also as I read I noticed the tremendous craft, voice, and creativity embedded in each story. This was amazing writing! My colleagues' genius was evident--this story contest was not only tremendously enjoyable for students, but it served to elevate writer and listener too. Amazing!

In the end, students voted for the top story--a well crafted holiday fantasy. This event not only taught me a lot about teaching well, but it once again solidified why I like our shared teaching model so much. We truly learn from one another each and every day and that empowers what we can do with and for our learners which makes the job more successful, meaningful, and powerful! Good News!