Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Testing the Waters

I made a number of queries in person, via the phone, and through email yesterday to get a feel for the priorities, investment, and initiatives happening in and around me yesterday. Then I did some thinking about the answers I received. Where did I note rich commitment, important ideas, and forward thinking?

In one conversation, the idea of vision came up. I fully support the need for organizations and individuals to invest in vision and work together towards that vision. Without vision, we are aimless, and our efforts are never as good as they might be with a thoughtful, collective vision at the helm.

Professional Learning
For some this is very important, and for others this is less important. For me this is very important, and I will continue to invest time and energy into this endeavor as this is the fuel that leads the good work I'm able to do.

This varies in intensity and direction. I want to think about this more with regard to my students.

Good relationships are at the core of almost all that we do, and it's imperative to develop these relationships in ways that matter.