Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The Christmas holiday was wonderful. We had the chance to spend good time with so many friends and family members. A blanket of white snow helped to make the holiday beautiful too. And now as I sit here surrounded by the beauty of the season, I find my mind already wandering towards spring and where that will find me.

I think my mind is wandering in that direction since the winter months will be filled with lots of hard work and big goals--work that will take discipline, energy, focus, and if I stick to that path, there will be much to celebrate in the spring. So that's why spring draws me like a beacon, a light to empower the arduous journey ahead.

The winter journey's challenge is not a visible peak, but instead an interior summit--one I've made for myself and one that I know is important at this time. Therefore on this day where the bright sun sparkles in the snow, an image of yellow forsythia motivates me.