Sunday, December 24, 2017

Spread the Cheer

I didn't know if the season of the spirit would find me yesterday as I lamented a number of relatively small issues, and then last night thanks to a friend's invitation and lovely, welcoming home, I caught the Christmas spirit. We sometimes don't realize how a bit of hospitality can truly change one's mood and invite a sense of festivity and cheer.

Today I'll ready for our gathering, a gathering of family members. There's food to prepare and a house to clean. Then I hope I can share the same kind hospitality and cheer my friend shared with me last night.

As for the multiple issues I discussed yesterday, the end result is that I'll put my attention fully towards math education, science education, care for each child within my charge, collaboration with close colleagues, and a good personal/professional balance. There's much that I can do within my own sphere of responsibility, and taking a leave of the bigger issues for a while may be exactly the right path to follow.

Now it's time to welcome the holiday and prepare. Onward.