Friday, December 29, 2017

Speak Up Against Trump

Probably like most Americans, I feel small in the face of Trump's loud tweets and abrasive actions. Trump would be happy to read this as it seems he likes to make people feel small and insignificant. Yet, I can't let that feeling stop me from writing, reading, acting, and discovering what I can do to support American ideals and the good life for all America's people.

Today I read Timothy Snyder's book, On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century. It's a great read, and a read that will make you want to stand up and speak up against the tyrannical and authoritarian acts and words that the president repeatedly makes.

Snyder looks back at history to show us how Trump's words and acts are dangerous and similar to acts and words offered at other times in history, times that led to inhuman and disastrous regimes.

As I read Snyder's words, I felt a sense of duty and responsibility to learn more, get out and talk to people more, and act for what is right and good when it comes to the freedoms and liberties we enjoy and want to forward for ourselves, our family members, neighbors, and all citizens of the United States and world.

We cannot stay silent at this time in history. We cannot conform. We can't be passive. We have to learn, speak out, and act for what is right and good.

Trump and his cronies would like to frighten us. They want us to feel small. They want to fool us into thinking that they are taking care of us when in truth they are padding their pockets with tremendous wealth, and often choosing the interests of foreign leaders and countries over the interests of our own country.

Snyder cautions us from just believing the facts and words repeated over and over again by Trump and the media, and encourages us to read to find out the facts and truth of the matter. He encourages us to vote "while we can" and run for office too.

In so many other places over time democracy has lost its footing, and in these places it was the people themselves that lent fuel to the fire of those disasters by conforming, staying silent, and believing in the propaganda without looking deeply at what was really being said and if it was true or not. Public servants themselves became monsters in Germany and other places as they followed along treating their fellow humans as animals.

We can't allow disrespect towards others. We can't allow the name calling that the President exemplifies regularly. We can't allow the sensationalism and the use of lies and blasphemy to create unjust and inequitable situations for people. I blocked Trump and his cronies on Twitter so I don't have to read his derogatory tweets and mistruths.

We have to speak up. We have to stay alert. We can't be fooled and used by those who are greedy, self serving, and unjust.

I feel small at this time in the United States. I feel small because I don't have the money or power that oppressors like our president have. But I can't stay silent. I have to speak up. I want to encourage all Americans to speak up and rise up against the struggle that President Trump and his cronies have created, a struggle for the common man, woman, and child to receive their human rights and dignity. The struggle to have a good life and equal access to the law. The struggle to be proud of who we are no matter what our gender, culture, race, class or religion.

Trump has been passive and quiet in the face of human rights, but he has been loud and indignant when it comes to matters of his power and might. This is unAmerican, and not in the best interests of most of the country. I will continue to read and find out about what is happening. I will do what I can to resist this unjust and inhuman regime created by the president and his cronies. I will listen to what others have to say too. Onward.