Monday, December 18, 2017

Self Regulation and Good Choices

Most students make good choices in school, and those good choices truly help students learn. Some students for a large variety of reasons have more trouble making good decisions. For example if we're working on the computer on project, they might consistently get off task using another computer site, or if we have group work, they might often fool around instead of staying focused. These are students who simply seem to not be ready or not have had experience with making good decisions for their time. As the teacher, it's my job to scaffold decision making in ways that foster as much independence as possible; to help children learn to make good decisions about their learning each and every day.

In the new year as part of our learning-to-learn curriculum and focus, students and I will spend some time discussing making good choices, and how good choices lead to greater autonomy and independence. I think they're all ready for this discussion and the good growth that will come from it.