Saturday, December 23, 2017

Protocols for Debate and Discussion

A recent idea share was met with mostly silence, and when the query continued, the silence deepened. The deepening silence incited frustration, sarcasm, and more questioning. Why did this happen?

When there are few to no streams for idea share, debate, and discussion, it may be that every new idea is met with a different approach and a sense of alarm rather than welcome. It could be that in some situations, new ideas are not seen as good ideas, but instead seen as threats to the status quo--the status quo of roles, decision making processes, or the way it has always been done--tradition.

As one who is always looking for and trying out new ideas to better the teaching/learning I do, this presents a quandary. How do organizations best meet new ideas--what are the protocols in place for idea share and how are those protocols made explicit to create dynamic organizations, the kinds of organizations that continually spiral towards betterment.

In thinking about this, I have a number of questions including the following:
  • What protocols are in place where you work with relation to new ideas--how are those ideas debated, discussed, and tried out?
  • Is everyone in your organization invited to share new ideas with welcoming arms and listening ears or are new ideas only allowed by some?
  • How do you grow your systems and efforts? Do you create idea share streams, protocols, and ongoing related efforts? If so, what do these idea streams look like?
My advocacy and share is sometimes welcome by some individuals and teams, and at other times unwelcome by others and other individuals and teams. 

I want to think more about my advocacy for better and different, and as I think about this, I'm curious about the following questions:
  • Why do some stay silent when I advocate for new and what I think is better?
  • Why do some not discuss and openly debate the ideas?
  • Why are ideas dismissed without rationale?
  • Why don't we take an ongoing look at new ideas, but instead often relegate new ideas to specific times of the year, meetings, or events?
I grow my practice day-to-day as I think about the learners I work with and the resources, schedules, and support available. I like this natural system of growth, yet I work with many others, some of whom seem to desire a different growth process. 

I want to listen more to hear what people define as dynamic process, good growth streams, and efforts that matter. I want to hear about the stories of success and the paths of successful idea share and growth. I want to understand this better and will make this a priority as I move ahead in the profession.