Saturday, December 23, 2017

Math Role and Goals

Recent discussions and exchanges related to the math program prompt me to think about my role as a math teacher. Overall the main aspects of my work include the following criteria:
  • Teach each standard for mastery
  • Employ engaging and empowering math experiences
  • Encourage mathematical thinking and practices
  • Coach each child forward with a good attitude and positive learning actions
  • Assess regularly, and use the assessment data to inform instruction
  • Advocate for program growth and development
  • Seek professional learning to develop math teaching/learning efforts
  • Work with families and colleagues on a regular basis to support student's math learning
I wish that educators had a bit more say with regard to the overall math programming and plans, and that's an area of the field I'm exploring too on multiple levels. As I explore, I'm thinking deeply about the following questions:
  • Who is leading math program development on multiple levels?
  • Is that leadership research- and question-driven?
  • How is that information shared with others, and does the information share empower and engage math educators in ways that promote growth and development?
  • What are the expectations for my role with regard to math growth and development?
  • How can our collaborative work help students more?
My students will profit from the following efforts:
  • More hands-on-deck--students profit from the good coaching and teaching of many
  • More practice and learning with engaging practice experiences
  • Time-on-task with math
  • Math talk and questioning
  • Greater experience with coding and worthy, project-base math tech 
I believe that when our collective efforts are question driven, and those questions focus on our goals and vision for the math program, we do our best work. When efforts are more of a to-do list, than a question-driven process based on worthy goals/vision, then, in my opinion, we lose capacity. Further, when all practitioners are treated with respect and given voice and choice in ways that matter, a sense a team develops, and with that comes good energy and growth.