Monday, December 18, 2017

Can We Support a Tax Bill That Mainly Supports the Wealthiest Americans

Good American leaders that I value are calling the new tax plan a scam. I believe them. The chart above demonstrates how the new tax bill favors the wealthiest Americans, Americans who are already living a comfortable life.

How can our law makers support a tax bill that will add to our debt, favor the wealthiest Americans, and do little to support average Americans?

We need to think carefully about taxation. We have to tax people in fair ways that create enough money to make our country strong. Our country will be strong if we use taxes to support the following priorities:
  • Good health care for all
  • Basic needs for all
  • Clean, healthy food systems
  • Clean, protected natural lands, water, and air
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Recreational facilities in every community
  • High quality public schools for all students
  • Innovation and exploration
  • Armed Forces
  • Good jobs and fair, responsible organizations
Just making the rich, richer and saving everyone else a few dollars in their tax bills for a few years while raising the debt and making our country overall less strong is not a good plan. 

I'm by no means an expert, but our current lawmaking body's majority continues to vote against what is right and good for most of the American people. They are voting for short term fixes that may look good to some, yet only serve a few including themselves and the most wealthy Americans. 

We can do better for more.

Further, we continue to have a President that has us on the roller coaster of worry and fret day after day as he continues to choose for his own wealth and the wealth of his national and international friends and family members.

This is very troubling. We can do better.