Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Advocate in a Modern Age

It's really tough to be an advocate in the modern age, particularly if you're an average citizen who works, takes care of a family, and likes to have a little fun now and then. Most full-time jobs today typically take much more than the 40 hours expected, and family takes a lot of time on top of that. So what's left with regard to time and energy is little. Yet if average citizens don't speak up, we won't have voice and our needs and efforts will not be represented thus leading to a less positive life than possible.

So what can happen?

One idea is that our elected officials begin to think about how they can routinely enlist average citizens in advocacy efforts that are doable and valuable with the time and energy they have. New systems of advocacy could be created, systems that invite voice and choice with greater capacity, impact, and value.

Another idea is for our lawmakers to create room for advocacy perhaps with worker's rights' rules such as four days weeks, days-off for advocacy, and more.

Still more is to truly analyze this issue and look for ways to elevate voice and choice of the common man and woman so there is equitable representation when it comes to decision making, new laws, money spent, taxation, and fair representation.

I want to think more about this question, but this is a start.