Friday, November 17, 2017

Teachers: Student Champions

I believe that teachers have to be student champions--we need to find ways to champion and support our students in ways that matter.

How can we do this? These questions may help.
  • Do my students feel welcomed and heard in the learning environment? If not, how can I support this integral component of school success?
  • Are my students receiving the services they are entitled too? If not, how can I rework the schedule so that all students are receiving the appropriate supports?
  • Do my students have access to optimal educational resources? If not, how might I advocate and work towards providing my students with those supports, supports such as hands-on materials, comfortable seating, adequate learning facilities, necessary technology, and playful spaces for recreation?
  • Do my students take part in a holistic, positive learning program? How can we continue to build learning programs so that these programs mirror the research and positively forward student learning in engaging and empowering ways?
  • Do we team with families to foster optimal teaching/learning environments and programs? How can we build this vital aspect to teaching and learning?
  • Have I spent enough time with a student in order to build a positive teaching/learning relationship, and to understand well what that student needs to succeed? 
  • Am I making sure that I meet my obligations to meet with all children regularly to service their academic needs, challenges, and strengths?
Similar to parenting, the ways we can champion our students is infinite while time is finite so we always have to prioritize what we can do. This is an essential ongoing process so that we meet the wonderful potential to positively help each child develop and succeed.