Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Knowing Your Class

A class of children is full of surprises. As you move through the year, you learn more and more about them. What some children enjoy, others don't enjoy. What some classes gravitate towards, others don't show interest in.

Today the students surprised us with their incredible creativity with the Turkey-in-Disguise persuasive essay and project--the students work was amazing. Similarly I was surprised to see who really enjoyed our class films and who did not. Further, I'm recognizing that I have some good fix-it students who can recognize where problems exist and how to fix them.

Over the holiday, I want to think about the class's individual and collective personality as I plan ahead--what they enjoy, the questions they ask, and the needs they have will dictate how we approach the topics we'll cover in the days ahead. Overall I enjoy this time of the year when we have developed good relationships with students and families, and now we begin to deepen the work we do for optimal learning and teaching.