Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Honor the Gifts of Others

Schools are like "small cities," noted a interviewee on an NPR piece a year or so ago. I agree--there's a complexity with regard to numbers, interactions, focus, goals, and scheduling much like a busy city. And in that city, no teacher is all things--no one brings all the gifts to the table, but it is rare to impossible to find that there's an individual in this educational "city" that does not bring any gifts to the table, and far more likely that every citizen of this school city, brings extraordinary gifts.

As we work with one another, we need to honor the gifts that each other brings to school life. We cannot expect anyone to be all things or bring all gifts. Instead, we have to work with one another to maximize our collective potential--to honor and utilize the gifts of each other to serve students, families, educators, and the community well. In that end, we will, together, implement a strong program of worth, one that enriches, empowers, and transforms lives in ways that matter.