Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Google Form Quizzes and Online Practice Promote Self Efficacy

I want to capture this learning event while it is fresh.

I've been using the combination of online Google Form tests, paper/pencil tests, and other online venues to forward students' math learning and self efficacy in effective ways.

Students take the Google form practice test first on their own using a paper and online copy. I encourage them to ask lots of questions which they do. They also help each other. When they complete the test, they submit the results and immediately get their score and the results demonstrating which problems they got correct and which ones were wrong. The wrong answers also show the correct answer. I have them take the practice test until they get everything right. If they believe their answer is right, but is corrected as wrong, we look it over together to see what the problem is or if, indeed, the answer is right.

Using this paper/online combination with instant feedback allows students to lead their learning, and gives me time to work with individuals in areas of need. The Google Form also allows students to learn to take tests online and to monitor their work in this regard. The online form work quickly demonstrates to students when they make silly mistakes, typos, and other errors related to precision. This helps them become more precise. Further, there is a lot of emphasis on reading the problems carefully, taking your time, and checking your work. Again their desire to and the expectation that they will get a perfect scores prompts them to take the test several times until they reach mastery.

Similarly, students use the free and simple That Quiz site for multiple math exercises to solidify their understanding and ability with multiple math skills, concepts, and knowledge points. I tell students to see me for an exercise reset if they get lower than 75. I can see their scores and generally check in with students who score lower than 75 to see what the misunderstanding and need for more teaching may be. I am able to pinpoint the teaching to help students reach mastery. This too is a great vehicle with which to grow self efficacy and math mastery.

Tomorrow we'll continue on this path as I give students the following choices to complete in order to reach mastery with the unit two concepts:

  • complete the unit math study guide
  • take the practice test again
  • work with one of the two above options with a teacher
  • if done with the top choices, see me to discuss next steps which might be completing homework, working on online practice sites, or working on bonus options.
When the class is motivated, we team with families, and multiple human and other resources exist to help student learning, success is attainable.